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The Helm is the blog and content central for RaftUp Technologies.

We’ll start with an introduction. Here’s  a little about what we do:

So, there are three big problems with outdoor recreation:
There’s little social connectivity.
The best adventures are hard to find.
It is not safe.

You won’t meet an outdoor enthusiast that does not have a story about being lost, stranded, or in distress. If you are not at an address, it is incredibly difficult for your friends to guide you or for first responders to find you. Technology has given us the opportunity to turn this issue on its head, and that’s what we’ve done.

We built our free app, RaftUp, to help outdoor enthusiasts expand their community, find their next adventure, and enhance their safety. RaftUp is a multipurpose tool that integrates a social activity feed, location services, and points of interest to help people make the most out of their great outdoors.

The most important function is RaftUp’s SmartSOS feature. When you are in distress, pressing our golden life preserver will send your coordinates and type of emergency sent to 911, your connections in the app, and anybody you select from your contact list. Saving lives is the core of our mission. It is what drives us to get as many people to participate in the community as possible.

Get to know us!

This post has thus far been a tad formal. The Helm, however, is a place where we are going to loosen things up and invite you to do the same.

This blog is going to be a catalog of our adventures in spreading the good news of RaftUp Technologies. You will see us in our RV driving across the country to all sorts of boating and outdoor events. You will find our two cents and peanut gallery commentary on the hottest trends, boater hacks, product reviews, and really all things outdoor recreation. You will get updates on the work that we are doing and what it means for our RaftUp network. We are stoked to engage with our growing community.

We welcome you to join us by downloading RaftUp. The app is available to you for the low-low cost of 0 dollars and 0 cents.

If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions, insults, confessions, knock-knock jokes, pictures, videos, cheers or jeers: drop a line on the RaftUp activity feed, Facebook, or Instagram and Twitter at @theraftup. We’d love to feature those who are doing rad things in a safer outdoors.

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