Boat My Life #1

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Every person who has a passion for boating has one thing in common –  we’ve all gotten our dinghy in a jam. Many of the world’s best stories come from boaters not getting things 100% right. We’ve collected some of the best stories that our users have shared with us. Enjoy, get nauti, and maybe learn from the mistakes of others. Introducing: Boat My Life!

Grand Canyon Scrape Boat My Life BoatMyLife

Just Scraping By

This one time, I decided to back our 30-foot Chaparral up to the house to warm up the engine before a day on the lake. As I reversed, my truck and trailer started jumping and struggling to back up. I continued to hit the gas, despite the fact that my 30-foot boat and ¾ ton truck were shaking like there was an earthquake.

That’s when the cold sweat hit me.

Already freaked out, I jumped out of the cabin of my truck and ran to the back of the trailer. There I saw that the whole lower unit’s skeg was forcing a carving out of the concrete. The lower portion of my skeg was nowhere to be found, and a 4 foot long canyon was gouged into the middle of my driveway.

All I could do was stare. #BoatMyLife.

Fun boat party Boatmylife Boat My Life

Feeling the Spark

This one time, my brother and I thought we would impress some young ladies by taking them out on a midnight party barge ride. It wasn’t allowed, and it wasn’t our barge, but the girls didn’t have to know that.

We take the girls down to the dock and realize that the battery is dead. Being the problem solvers that we are, my brother and I simply replaced it with a battery from one of the girls’ cars.

We successfully got out on the water – far enough to get stranded but not far enough to charge the battery at all. The party barge, and the party, died at midnight. We had to call our dad so he could disappointedly tow us back to shore at 1 AM.

We returned the battery from the barge into the girl’s car. The car wouldn’t start, and we couldn’t jump the battery. Turns out the battery was totally shot. She was out a couple hundred bucks.

The girls were anything but impressed, and our dad thinks we’re morons. #BoatMyLife.

Cake fudge boatmylife Boat My Life

Oh Sh*t!

This one time, I started a job as a dockhand. They failed to tell me that I should check whether it says “Gas Cap” or “Waste Cap” before putting fuel into the boat. #BoatMyLife
Water Snorkel Scuba Diving boat my life boatmylife

It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere…

This one time, I was snorkeling in the Florida Keys in the morning. It had been a while since I last snorkeled, so I was a little rusty. I probably swallowed about a gallon of seawater. Trying to solve the problem, I made myself throw up off the edge of the boat.

When I looked up from the water, I saw that we happened to be driving past a kiddie snorkeling tour. The kids were jumping into my vomit water, and their parents almost certainly judged me as an alcoholic for tossing my cookies at 10AM. #BoatMyLife

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