Missouri has some amazing scenery to offer its residents and visitors! The beautiful terrain and Ozark hills can be found all across the state and one of the best ways to capture the beauty Missouri has to offer is to take a hike! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned hiker or just enjoy some spectacular scenery, there are an endless amount of great trails throughout the state suited for every hiker level. Missouri is full of state parks, national forests, and wilderness areas waiting to be explored! Today, RaftUp has a list of the top five places to take a hike in Missouri – check it out!

#1 Lewis and Clark Trail – St. Charles

Distance: 8.5 Mile Loop

You’ll get a spectacular view of the Mississippi River when you hike the Lewis and Clark Trail – named one of the best metro trails in America! Hike near large bluffs and limestone cliffs, creek crossings, and simply take in the beauty of the region.

Lewis and Clark Trail

#2 Ozark Trail – St.Louis to Arkansas

Distance: 500+ Miles

The Ozark Trail of Missouri spans from St.Louis to the Arkansas border and is broken up into thirteen sections. The entire trail is gorgeous but the most well-known section of the trail is the Taum Sauk section. You’ll hike through 1.5 billion-year-old mountains, natural springs, and rolling forests!

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, Missouri

#3 Natural Tunnel Trail – Bennet Spring State Park

Distance: 7.5 Miles

Bennet Spring State Park features six trails around the park but the best hiking trail is definitely the Natural Tunnel Trail. This trail is 7.5 miles long and a geological wonder! The natural tunnel on the trail is 296 feet in length and hiking through the diverse terrain before you arrive at the tunnel is a hike you can’t pass up!

#4 Turkey Pen Hollow and Devils Kitchen – Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Distance: 18.8 Miles of Trails

Ha Ha Tonka, located at the Lake of the Ozarks, offers 14 trails each with varying distances. Most trails are beginner-friendly and simply gorgeous! Take in the sites of panoramic views of the Lake of the Ozarks, rock formations, glades, a natural spring, and historic castle ruins!

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

#5 Hercules Glade Wilderness – Mark Twain National Forest

Distance: 32 Miles

If you’re looking for a hike in the wilderness you’ll love the sites of the Hercules Glade Wilderness int he Mark Twain National Forest! Featuring 12,000 acres filled with cedar and oak trees, rocky hillsides, waterfalls, hardwood trees, and miles of grasslands this trail is 32 miles long!

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